One of the most terrifying enemies in Bend Studio’s Days Gone has to be that of the Freaker Horde. First revealed in the original E3 2016 reveal trailer, The Horde consists of a large number of Freakers, ready to devour your flesh to the freagin’ bone.

Game Informer’s cover story continues in today’s video, as Deacon has to clear a Horde of 300 Freakers. Alone. Watch as the GI dudes fail to eliminate the monstrous mob of mutated peeps.


I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like Game Informer has a done a damn good job with their cover story of Days Gone. They haven’t been afraid to ask the tough questions while offering their own impressions of the game. At the point the game still needs some work, however, you can see the potential.

If you somehow missed the original reveal trailer, watch Deacon struggle to survive against a Horde of 500 Freakers. Pretty intense action, Brah!

Days Gone is pegged for release in Early 2019. Will you be visiting this new world??