It was just a matter of time that a version 2.0 could make it’s presence known. Well, it seems that this presence could possibly be coming. Japan Display which is a joint venture between Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sony, have announced some very exciting news with separate 1001PPI and 803PPI (pixel-per-inch) displays. Now what is exciting is how it will be used as it it’s specific use is for Virtual Reality.

How does this compare to the current PlayStation VR headset? Right now PlayStation VR uses a single OLED panel which is 5.7″, where the panel is 1920 by 1080. The new screens will be a eye specific newer LTPS TFT-LCDs that are specifically designed for Virtual Reality.

This is awesome if this is is what will power the PlayStation VR version 2.0. I just wonder if they will keep the same design, will the cost be around the same, and when it will be officially announced and when? And don’t be surprised if for those that wear glasses, if there is not an option to get perscriprion inserts.