After being delayed until Early 2019, Days Gone has returned with a vengeance thanks to Game Informer’s June cover story of Bend Studio’s PS4 exclusive.  GI’s online coverage continued today as they continue their ever-popular video series of asking Directors of games rapid questions, serious and non-serious, about their project. The video gives us all kinds of interesting details pertaining to Days Gone, as we finally start to get a better picture of what the game is really all about.

Some of the finer details if you don’t feel like watching the video right now:

  • That wicked Freaker Bear is a boss/ common enemy combo. Brah. #Gulp.
  • Deacon St. John is the only playable character. He’s a cool and funny guy. You can’t change his outfit though. Sorry, Bruh.
  • Deacon’s motorcycle bike is completely upgradable/ customizable. Muffler, paint job, handling, etc. You can also lose your bike. It can also break down/ run out of gas.
  • The game will not go easy on you. I’m guessing it’s the Dark Souls of apocalypse titles.
  • The Freaker outbreak is worldwide, as we will learn the origin of the epidemic.
  • Days Gone won’t have the biggest showing at E3. Guess the Game Informer story is to help give other PS4 titles more time to shine?

Like John said, look for Days Gone when it drops in early 2019. Are you excited about Days Gone? Let us know in the comments below.