You wake up in a very strange room and your memory is somehow only providing parts and very sparse. But you realize something is missing that sometimes may be taken for granted until it’s gone…your sight. But who is this mystery being…who is this Warden? Now you have a choice to make. You could either sit there wondering what happened or explore this dark and frightening mansion by using echolocation.

By using the sound waves, you will be able to see the outline of objects and solving the puzzles. Can you help her find out what and why things have happened? But as you get closer, what secrets will be unlocked? Would you search for all the answers to all the questions, even if you must confront your worst enemy that you will not and cannot see? Find out when Blind comes to PlayStation VR on September 18, 2018, and a physical EU releases on September 28, 2018.

Until then…please enjoy…