Ok, you can go ahead and admit it. You freagin’ loved the new God of War from Director Cory Barlog and the team at Santa Monica Studios!! You want more adventures of Kratos and Atreus and you want them NOW!!

You secretly hope that Cory will wait to work on his own, new IP so that he will make MORE God of War games. DON’T LIE.

Worry not, Cory has plans for many more GoW titles. Like, 5 more God of Wars!! In an interview with Jason Schreier of Kotaku, Cory was asked what he visualized in that brain of his for the future of the series.

Jason: So how much of the future game plan do you have mapped out in your head?

Cory: Five games.

Jason: So that’s 25 years? Is that what you’re prepared for?

Cory: No. I want to figure out how to make these things faster, man.

Now that the engine is in place and the game is on its way to being a mega-hit, I’m willing to bet Sony is ready to pump all kinds of cash into those visions floating around in Cory’s noggin.

How do you feel about God of War?? Worthy of the hype? Overhyped? Masterpiece?? Let us know in the comments below!

God of War is available now.