As promised, Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.18 has gone LIVE today, bringing with it a monthly drop of new content and changes. I know Update 1.17 hit early this month, but we totally forgot to report about it.

Get ready to go vroom vroom, Brah!

Update 1.17:

  • New Cars
  • – The following 2 cars have been added:
  • ・Audi E-TRON Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. X)
  • ・Audi Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. 1)
  • 2. Controller
  • – Fixed an issue wherein the “Force Feedback Max. Torque” would revert back to its default settings when exiting any game mode after having changed the “Force Feedback Sensitivity” value in [Driving Options].
  • 3. “Transmission Mode” BGM Settings
  • – Fixed an issue wherein the menu background music did not play when the [BGM Playlist] option in [Options] > [Sound Volume] was set to “Transmission Mode” (Race background music will not be played in “Transmission Mode”.)
  • Other Improvements and Adjustments
  • – Various other issues have been addressed.

Update 1.18:

Main Features Implemented

1. New Cars

– The following 2 cars have been added:


2. Tracks

– The following 2 layouts for the “Dragon Trail” track have been added:

・Dragon Trail Gardens

・Dragon Trail Gardens II

3. Scapes

– “Hawaii Islands” has been added to the special featured section.

4. Brand Central

– Additional Scapes spots have been added to BMW.

5. Sport Mode

– With the introduction of the ‘Star Player’ system, the current Driver Rating (DR) ‘S’ will now be changed to ‘A+’.  - Players who have incurred into penalties that have yet to be cleared during a race will now see a ‘PENALTY’ label displayed below their PSN Online ID.

6. Race

– Blue flags have now been implemented. (Blue flags are displayed to those cars that are being approached by cars that are 1 lap ahead, and to cars with a slower pace.)

7. Controller

– The centring operation of the Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel (for PS4) has been weakened when operating the menus.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

– When taking photos in brand-related Spots within Brand Central, you can now choose cars from both the showroom and the garage (limited to cars of that brand);

– In “My Library”, it is now possible to display the details of the photo format by pressing the △ button while viewing both Scapes Photos and Race Photos;

– three new events added:

1. The following three events will be added to “GT League”:

■ Compétition de France (Beginner League)

This event for French-made cars consists of cute, sporty, and unique vehicles.

■ Gr. B Rallycross (Amateur League)
This race for Group B rally cars tests your car-control skills, whether you’re drifting or maintaining

■ Vision Gran Turismo Trophy + (Professional League)
In this race of dream Vision Gran Turismo cars, which one will be crowned the king of them all!?

– In ‘Arcade’ mode, when turning a steering wheel left and right, the cursor will not move. (Please use the directional buttons to move the cursor);

– Various other issues have been addressed.

What cars or tracks do you want next in Gran Turismo Sport?