(UPDATED) More leaks!! Microsoft accidentally uploaded the full reveal trailer early this morning. OOPS.

(Original story) I think we can officially confirm that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the leakiest game of ALL TIME. Go back and read past reports. We’ve known about this game for a good two years BEFORE it revealed to the public. Now, a day before we see the first gameplay, there’s yet ANOTHER leak!!

Wondering how many different editions there will soon be announced? Wonder no more!

  • Digital deluxe edition
  • Standard edition
  • Croft edition
  • Digital Croft edition
  • Collector’s edition

Of course there will also be a steelbook available for all of us who love those snazzy cases. This image confirms that Eidos Montréal is the developer. But we’ve known that, too.

Oh well, look for the official gameplay reveal tomorrow! Unless it’s leaked tonight. Maybe.