For the Lazy:

  • Beyond: Two Souls (PS4)
  • Rayman Legends (PS4)
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords (PS3)
  • Eat Them (PS3)
  • King Oddball (PS Vita)
  • Furmins (PS Vita)
This is the story of a girl, a ghost and a whole lot of consequences in this large narrative…

Trophy Lists: For the Completionist Out There!

Platform through a whimsical world solo or with friends for hectic battles against Mr. Dark!

Trophy Challenge: Just try to get these… I dare you!

Explore the open world wilderness in the final entry of the Risen series.

Trailers: Watch What They Show You!

Create your own kaiju & wreck the city in new ways in this cel shaded world!

Hand Picked Reviews: Watch What Others Think!

1) You are Oddball. 2) Oddball wants to become a king. 3) Use his tongue to blow stuff up. 4) ??? 5) Become King…

Trophy Guides: Wanna Get Ahead of the Game?

Escort the furmins in this Rube Goldberg puzzle game to their goal!

Author’s Thoughts:

The fifth line up of this month and it’s still going strong for the Playstation Plus Free Games! Even though March has destroyed all hype for another good line up in the near future, we can still expect quality games coming for the service. This month’s line up starts out strong with Beyond: Two Souls & Rayman Legends for the PS4 systems. With Detroit: Become Human coming around the corner, it’s best to tackle another David Cage game in the form of Beyond: Two Souls. Play as Jodie who has been linked by another soul called Aiden who’s been aiding (pun intended) her since birth. Grow up, master your powers and see what the narrative hold for you. Now let’s jump back to the next game in the line up, Rayman Legends is a 2D side-scrolling platform made by Ubisoft, and it’s a gorgeous game. The sequel to Rayman Origins, Legends continues off from the first game as Mr. Dark has been kidnapping the Lums of the World. Now with the help of his friends: Globox, Teensies & Barbara, the Barbarian Princess (More puns!), you must rescue the Lums and defeat Mr. Dark once and for all!

Now with the PS4 section wrapped up, let’s move on to the PS3 with Risen 3: Titan Lords. Explore the world where the once mighty gods fell and only titans remain. Reclaim your soul as you explore each island at your leisure all the while establishing a kingdom in the thick darkness that shrouds the land. Looks okay, a bit ambitious of a title, but I don’t plan on picking it up just yet. Series seems to start on PC, so if you don’t mind jumping in without context go right ahead! The next game is a surprise to some, and it’s Eat Them! Create your own Kaiju as you wreak havoc in the city in this comic book style game! It looks like a really fun PSN game to play, and it really entices me on the whole city destruction mechanic that ties in with the upgrades you gain.

Now let’s move on the final section which is of course the Vita games. This month we have King Oddball & Furmin, both incredibly simple games with enticing mechanics. King Oddball is up, and it’s basically using your tongue to destroy armies with a flick of the touch screen. It resembles a lot of classic Angry Birds, but it has a unique system where the levels are sections of a map rather than lineal levels that you complete one by one. As for Furmin, it’s a Rube Goldberg inspired game with a lot of satisfying puzzles to achieve. If you like these types of contraptions, you should definitely check out this game.

That’s about it for the PS+ Line Up for this month, not the worst one we’ve had, but it has certainly improved from April’s line up, which if you haven’t redeemed the games you can do so until May 1st.  Besides that, I believe with the addition of Rayman Legends and Beyond: Two Souls people can really experience two really good games in preparation for the next line up in June! As for PS3 and Vita, I believe them to be left in the rubble, trying to let users get games they might never pick up if they plan on closing up shop for the PS+ games early 2019. I don’t mind it as much this time, since I really want to try out Eat Them! when it comes out next week! Until then see you guys for June’s line up!