Game Informer has done a ‘Spectacular’ job this month with their Marvel’s Spider-Man coverage, as they’ve offered Spider-Man and PlayStation fans a fantastic look at Insomniac Games’ take on everyone’s favorite web slinger.

Insomniac Games admitted the first thing they HAD to get right was the web slinging. I mean, if traversing New York doesn’t feel right or is straight up boring, are you really going to invest your time with the game? Those who were lucky enough to play have said they have nailed it. BRAHSOME. Creative Director Bryan Intihar talks about the process of getting web slinging just right.

If you’ve read Spidey’s vast array of comics over the past 50 years, then you KNOW Spider-Man has always had a unique mixture of combat. His strength, speed, endurance.. and GADGETS. Insomniac Games aims to replicate all of this with super smooth gameplay that lets you mix melee, aerial combat, gadgets, and environmental attacks. Oh yeah. This gonna’ be GOOD.

Spider-Man has had his fair share of costumes over the years, including many which have gone on to become fan favorites. Insomniac Games are putting their spin on his iconic costume, explaining their creative process in the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man behind the scenes video.

If you ain’t hyped after all of that Marvel’s Spider-Man goodness, then Brah.. that’s a YOU PROBLEM! Or maybe you’re a part of the Sinister Six.

Marvel’s Spider-Man spins a mighty web exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this September 7!!