Well, for those of you who have been waiting for the gold edition or possibly have yet to grab PlayStation VR, it looks like the time is now to grab Battlezone Gold Edition. But what is included you might ask? I am glad you did ask because let me tell you what is included:

  • The full game of Battlezone including the Classic Mode
  • All released tank skins
  • All released bobbleheads
  • All released horns
  • All released DLC

I know what you might be thinking and WOW. But for those who have not picked up PlayStation VR yet, don’t you fret, because for the first time you can play without VR (if you so desire). I will say this, that playing Battlezone in VR is awesome. But now everyone can enjoy and have fun. But that’s not all if you already own Battlezone, you will be automatically upgraded to the Gold Edition for FREE!

So get ready for Battlezone Gold Edition on May 1st.

Until then…please enjoy…