(Updated) Sony has confirmed it! After four long years of development, Detroit: Become Human has gone gold and a demo will go LIVE tomorrow, Brah!!!

Also, if you have access to Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa. Interesting.

(Original story) Here’s a nice little surprise for you on a Monday morning!! If you can find the time to pry yourself away from God of War, it looks like the PlayStation Nation is about to receive a Detroit: Become Human demo!

An eagle-eyed member over at ResetEra noticed that a 3GB demo of D:BH is LIVE on the.. New Zealand PlayStation Store.

You get to experience Connor’s story that we’ve all seen a million times now, but that’s not a bad thing! The demo can get a bit nerve wrecking near the end.

The official description:


Get a glimpse of the android revolution of tomorrow in this action-packed demo for Detroit: Become Human.

The unique prototype android Connor serves the Detroit police department, and you join him at the beginning of a dramatic stand-off with a fugitive.

You choose what happens. Analyse the situation and make your decisions carefully… lives could be at risk.

Detroit: Become Human is a twisting neo-noir thriller about service androids breaking their programming and desiring freedom.

Will the demo give live for the rest of us? Hopefully so! If you’re itching to play it, download it here.

Detroit: Become Human starts the robo-revolution on May 25!