What good is that mighty new Leviathan Axe that Kratos has flying around if he doesn’t have an army of dreaded creatures to put it through??!

After slaying pretty much every type of creature from the Greek mythology, Kratos has moved on to a Norse variety of new enemies. The three type that Sony have “officially” revealed so far seem to be formidable foes, which is fine. When has Kratos not enjoyed a good challenge??

The common enemy type seems to be The Draugr. These undead creatures look to be a thorn in Kratos’ side throughout his adventure.

Don’t let the Trolls fool you. They might look big and dumb, but they once had their own civilization – until they ticked off the Gods. Now they are few and far between. Yet the still hunger for revenge.

The last enemy trailer that has been showcased? The Revenant. These ghouls look freaky af and the crazier part is you’ll hear them before you seem them. YIKES. You’re going to need Atreus to effectively eliminate these creatures of the undead.

There is many, many more types of enemies we’ve yet to seen. However, our wait is almost over. God of War officially launches worldwide tomorrow, Brah!!