Sega is all about accidentally giving their fans content a bit too early! Some Yakuza fans had early access to the full game of Yakuza 6 thanks to a glitch in the demo. Now Sega made an oopsy, letting loose the Update 1.04 for Sonic Mania in the UK, which includes some of the new options and additions for Sonic Mania Plus!!

What exactly did some UK gamers get to download before Sega pulled the download? Here’s a list of changed compiled by the good Brahs over at VG247!

• Every zone in the game now has a stage transition.

• Cutscenes can be skipped

• Menus have been changed

• Additional moves from past games such as the Insta-Shield (Sonic 3), Super Peel Out (Sonic CD) and ‘& Knuckles mode‘ can now be used in save files rather than just non-saved play

• The Time Limit can also be disabled, allowing you to explore levels for more than 10 minutes

• The Metal Sonic boss fight has had one phase of it completely overhauled, while the other phases have been tweaked.

• Super Sonic has new animations including a new idle animation

• Graphical changes to all levels, plus new sound effects

• Multiplayer can now be played without the stretched visuals

You can view some of the new transitions in the video below, along with a glimpse of the new boss fight.

Were you lucky enough to download the update before it was pulled??