Ooook! I think we all knew this day would come eventually, but DAMN. THIS COULD BE HUGE.

Those crazy folks over at Polygon are reporting that due to the single-player campaign for Black Ops 4 being “too outlandish” and too much of a development time constraint, it has been removed, with the focus instead to improving/ expanding multiplayer and the ever popular zombie mode. Wooooow.

But wait! There’s more! charlieINTEL is reporting that Raven Software is working on a Battle Royale mode for Black Ops 4, to help the franchise cash-in on the uber popular craze that has stormed the gaming scene and to replace the gap the lack of a single-player campaign will create. Double Wooooow.

Looks like we will know more for sure when the game is officially unveiled on May 17.

Major changes seem to be coming to the Call of Duty franchise. Are you ready, Brah?