With only 3 more days until the new God of War releases, The Brah’s excitement for this juggernaut of a game has almost hit critical limit!!

However, one bit of interesting news hit today that would have completely changed the newest God of War. In an interview with Gamespot, Creative Director Cory Barlog revealed that Sony, worried about the game’s budget, almost put Atreus up for adoption.

It would have been very different. The early phase when they told me, “Man, this might be too hard, too expensive, we’re already looking at so many challenges, it’s maybe too much.” When I went back and said, “Alright, fine, if it was not with Atreus, what would it be?” And, it would have been a very, very different game? The comparison I made was, “Alright, it’s gonna be All Is Lost with Robert Redford”; it’s gonna be one character who talks to himself occasionally, but generally, it will be very silent and everyone will talk in old Norse, so that you won’t understand anything anybody’s saying.”

No Dad of War?!? Holy moly, the game would’ve been COMPLETELY different! Yeah, I know some of y’all still turn your nose at Kratos’ son, but from all the reviews I’ve read, he only adds to the Brahsomeness of the game. Guess we will know soon enough!

God of War takes over the Playstation Nation on April 20. Brah. ARE YOU READY?!?