5. More. Days!!!!! THIS upcoming Friday the PlayStation Nation will embrace the return of the God of War franchise with open arms of rage love, as it has been five long years since we last played as the Ghost of Sparta.

Sony has done a fab job of producing content on a daily basis for us fans who need that God of War goodness. The latest trailer features Composer Bear McCreary, who worked on the epic score for the game. Recognize his name?? He has quite the history of work, but most people know him for his music for The Walking Dead. Ya know, that creepy af opening theme that sends chills down your spine.

In this trailer he goes over his inspiration for his work on God of War and how those ‘three notes’ paved the way for the rest of the game’s score. Check it out. His passion for music is inspiring for us people who can’t play a damn instrument.

If you would like to listen to the music, click here for the Spotify playlist for the new God of War!!

If you need something to get hyped over, here’s the original E3 2016 God of War trailer as Bear and the symphony rock the house!!