During the big re-reveal of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games let it be known that for those who pre-order their PS4 exclusive Spider-Man adventure, you would receive a trio of Spider-Man outfits!

The first one revealed was the ROCKtacular Spider-Punk outfit, from the Spider-Verse mega-event from a couple years back.

The second suit? As many of you guessed, it WILL be the Iron Spider Suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming/ Avengers: Infinity War!

Someone at Sony accidentally uploaded the video the PlayStation Youtube account a bit ago. Sure, it was quickly removed but not before someone could snag a quick screenshots or four of it!

Looking good, Spider-Brah!!! The third and final pre-order bonus will be revealed in July, which gives us plenty of time to speculate as to what it could be. My guess? SCARLET SPIDER!!

Marvel’s Spider-Man swings into action on September 7!!