Look, The Brah has to be completely honest with you. I had no clue who David Harbour even was until Stranger Things turned out to be Brahsome. Now the guy is everywhere, winning awards and being the Tide guy.

If you didn’t know it, David is also taking over the role of Hellboy in the series reboot that just finished filming, so who better to have play the latest God of War and offer his hilarious commentary all the while Creative Director Cory Barlog tries his best to explain the changes to the GoW formula.

Oh, he also spikes a Dualshock 4 at one point. I’m sure Sony covered that $60 bill. How about you guys replace the busted analogue sticks from my old DS4?!

Uh. Nevermind. Watch the vid.

God of War brings the destruction on April 20, but if you’re reading this.. you already knew that.