The war was fought long and hard. When our times were looking at the lowest and the Undead was winning the war, it finally ended after 6 long years. But the sacred tower never became what we knew. The tower that once protected us, wrapped itself in the fear and pain that once covered the land by the nightmares unimagined far beyond the haunted dreams of any mortals. But you are the chosen one of the Deities, the one that will restore the tower. You have the secrets that could possibly hold the key to changing the future of as we know it either by the better or possibly even the worse.

Your name is Anna and you must travel to each level of the tower. What history do these levels have? Grab the powerful blade, punch with all your might, counter the attacks, even throw books. The choice is yours on how to defeat the enemies. Do you have the courage…the will? Find out when the Witching Tower VR comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…