After the release date bombshell of September 7 dropped this morning, there’s even more information regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man thanks to Game Informer’s cover story this month!

Insomniac teased that the box art would ‘pop’ off the store shelf, and they weren’t lying!! Check this bad boy out!!

I LIKE IT, BRAH!!! The standard edition will run you the norm, $59.99! There’s also a Digital Deluxe edition, if disc annoy you.

For $79.99 you’ll get:

  • Full game download.
  • Post launch DLC chapters – The City that never sleeps.
  • A limited edition collector’s pin that will be mailed to you.
  • 3 Spidey suits.
  • Spider-drone gadget.
  • Spider-Man avatars.
  • Spider-Man theme.
  • 5 extra skill points.

If you’re the ultimate Spider-Man fan, you’re going to want the Collector’s Edition! It’s a bit pricey at $149.99, but you get a Spidey-squad full of goodies!!

  • The City that never sleeps content.
  • White Spider sticker.
  • A Marvel’s Spider-Man collector statue.
  • Steelbook case.
  • Mini artbook.
  • All of the digital content that comes with the Digital Deluxe edition.

So Spider-Brahs, which edition will you be buying? ‘Web us know’ in the comments below!!