Brah! Do you want some more God of War news? Ok then! We thought the was definitely worth sharing to all of those who are as hyped as we are for God of War!!!

In an interview with those crazy Brahs over at Kinda Funny, Creative Director for God of War, Cory Barlog, elaborated how long it would take for all of you completionist to get 100%. Well, you just might be in for a long, tasty treat!

One of the systems designers just did his full playthrough to get 100 per cent. So that’s literally doing every single thing in the entire game, and he played 43 hours. 43 hours and he knows what to do!

43 hours, knowing what the hell he is doing. Think about it! Past games with 10+ hours to beat. Cory said at PSX 2017 that GOW would take 25 to 35 hours to beat. Reviews will be up on April 12, so we should get a better picture of how long it will take us gamers to beat.

God of War arrives on April 20! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?