For over 700 years the Quar have been in battle. This battle is known as the Long War. But the balance that once stood now has a shift. A shift so strong that if not corrected could have the Alykinder’s Crusade could attempt to end the Quar’s nations in this turn-based VR combat formally known as Quar: Battle For Gate 18.

Some of the features include:

  • Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system: This Quar’s War by Zombie Smith
  • Move controller support
  • More than 12 levels to fight the Crusader cause…from outposts in the woods to the dead of the night
  • 18 different friendly and enemy units.
  • Get up and close and walk around the game units in “life size” in the Quarpedia
  • Listen to and read the letters of the Quar soldier on the front line from his young cousin back home
  • living and upgradable base fully populated with Quar troops going about their business
  • Have a god-like view or shrink down to size to have that more scale view to get up and close to the battle

Do you have what it takes command your way to clear out the enemy? Do you have what it takes to restore the balance? Find out when Quar: Infernal Machines comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…