Dragon Quest fans have waited patiently for more news regarding the Western version of Dragon Quest XI. After being told by Square Enix to expect news this Winter, nothing was said.. UNTIL NOW! Dragon Quest XI journeys West on September 4!!!

The best part about all this? The improvements that Square Enix are implementing for the Western release, including english voiceovers!

  • Draconian Quest – an all-new hard to put your JRPG skills to the test.
  • Overhauled Menus and UI – “graphical enhancements” and an improved UI.
  • Photo mode – because HELL YEAH!!
  • New dash function – to haul ass faster plus improved character animations. NICE.

I am totally down for all of these improvements, Brah!!! Square Enix also provided a first look at the Western edition!

Brah to the Yeah! September 4!! Will you journey forth to save the Kingdom??