Detroit: Become Human is developer Quantic Dreams’ biggest title yet, rumored to have a budget of €30 million (about $37 million USD). With the game set to release exclusively on the PS4 come May 25, a month after God of War, Sony has begun to offer make content about D:BH, so that gamers who might be unaware of what the game is all about.

In a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, Director David Cage offered a look into what makes each of the three main androids so special and unique.

Kara is the more famous of the three, as she first appeared in the original tech demo that pre-dated Detroit: Become Human. The PGW trailer that featured her story also caught national attention, so if you’re going to recognize any of the ‘droids, it’s her.

Connor is the android you’ve probably seen the most of. The original reveal for the game featured his standoff against a rogue android that had a little girl held hostage after finding out he was going to be replaced.

The last android, Markus, is the rowdiest of the trailer. Why do I see that? Because he’s the one leading the android revolution that takes place during the game. I think it’s a safe prediction his storyline will have a heavy impact on the overall game. Can’t wait!!

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