During the Sonic SXSW Panel, Sega finally answered the pleas of Sonic fans everywhere – Sonic Mania WILL be receiving a physical edition!

But this isn’t ANY physical edition, as Sonic Mania is becoming.. Sonic Mania Plus!!!

What all does it come with? I’m glad you asked!!

  • Two new retro playable characters – Ray the Flying Squirrel and Mighty the Armadillo.
  • Encore mode.
  • Competitive mode has been update to allow up to four players.
  • A reversible cover art with retro Sega Genesis artwork.
  • A 32-page artbook.
  • $29.99! Arrives this summer!!

It was rumored that all of the content mentioned above would be free for current owners of Sonic Mania, however I’m having a hard time finding confirmation if this is true or not.

Sega also dropped a teaser regarding a new Sonic Racing game, which confirms all those rumors we’ve been hearing about the past six months!

Now excuse me while I gotta go fast and pre-order Sonic Mania Plus!!