If you’re a Tomb Raider fan, then you most likely know that Shadow of the Tomb Raider was leaked back in 2016 thanks to some guy working on a document during his train ride home. Not kidding. Then concept artwork leaked. Then Square Enix eventually confirmed that yeah, there is indeed a new Tomb Raider in development and that would learn more this year.

Fast forward to today, as Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been made “official” and a reveal is set for tomorrow. Uhhhh. So much for that. Thanks to peep’s searching the TR website’s source code, we know even more details about the game!!

September 14! On PS4, XB1, and PC! Oh! There’s more! The official logo has leaked, too!

BUT WAAAAIT!!! There is ANOTHER leak!! Tomorrow’s reveal trailer, which is already being shown at movie theaters!!

I’m going to take this time to nominate Shadow of the Tomb Raider as the leakiest game ever. Any objections? Let us know in the comments below!