The last time Guerrilla Games offered player stats from Horizon Zero Dawn was way back in June 2017. Seeing as how HZD turned a year old last week, some fresh, updated stats have been unleashed and Brah, they’re insane!!

  • The first round of numbers showed that players had eradicated over 545 million Watchers! That number has since grown to.. OVER 1.8 BILLION!! Man. I’m starting to think we need to start a support group for the poor guys.
  • Aloy has died over 20.9 million times because of those freagin’ Sawtooths, which is crazy when you think about how daunting the Thunderjaws and Bellowbacks can be.
  • 359.5 million arrows let loose! By far my most favorite weapon of the game, so I totally get it.

You can check out the rest of the stats in the images below!! Some pretty mind-boggling numbers, Brah!!

Which stat are you most proud of, Brah??