When EA confirmed that Anthem would miss 2018 due to a new Battlefield game, rumors began swirling that the series would be returning to the Bad Company side of things with the latest installment. Not so fast! If a report from Venturebeat.com is correct, the series will be returning to.. World War II?!?

After the massive hit that was Battlefield 1, EA is looking to cash-in once again on the great World Wars. Can you blame them? BF1 sold over 25 million copies as of December 2017, plus Call of Duty: WWII was the best-selling game in the US..after being out on the market for only a month. Insane.

Battlefield V will hit sometime this Fall and will be an entirely new game. Below is a leaked dev image which spawned this entire report.

What do you think, Brah??! Are you ready to return to WWII?? DICE did a damn job with WWI, so they certainly have our attention!!