For the Lazy:

  •  (PS4) Bloodborne
  •  (PS4) Ratchet & Clank
  •  (PS3 & PS4) Mighty No. 9
  •  (PS3) Legend of Kay: Anniversary
  •  (PS Vita & PS4) Claire: Extended Cut
  •  (PS Vita & PS4) Bombing Busters
Explore the Gothic city as you solve the mystery of the once thriving streets of Yharnam in this From Software PS4 exclusive.

Trophy Lists: For the Completionist Out There!

Re-live the origin story of the PS2 duo, Ratchet & Clank, as told by the once Galactic President Copernicus Leslie Qwark.

Trophy Challenge: Just try to get these… I dare you!

Save this once peaceful land from the gorillas and rats that invade them in this PS2 hidden gem reborn on the PS3.

Trailers: Watch What They Show You!

Hold the tears anime fans on prom night, the spiritual successor of MegaMan is primed and ready to… I can’t do this anymore… It’s a free game on PS+ go get it…

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Escape from the darkness in this 2D side-scrolling horror game inspired by Silent Hill as you try to go back home as a young girl and her overprotective dog.

Trophy Guides: Wanna Get Ahead of the Game?

Note: Bombing Busters doesn’t have a trophy guide or road map. If there is one or you have written one, comment down below or write me on Twitter: @TheVectronic

Blast through a series of levels to defeat the witty Dr. Wallow to prevent him from conquering the galaxy… (Now where have I heard that before?)

Author’s Thoughts:

March surely packs a huge and powerful punch to the people who where complaining about the quality of the free games featured in the PS+ line ups leading up to this in the past. Hopefully that stops their bickering for a couple of months down the road, and focus more on what we have in store this month.

Starting off with the PS4 we have Bloodborne, From Software’s response to the popular demand of a Dark Souls game on the system, before they went ahead and ported Dark Souls 2 with Dark Souls 3 coming soon after. This system seller is maybe the reason that many people chose to buy the game. Coming in March is not really that big of the surprise considering that From Software recently shut down the Demon’s Souls servers in February and that Bloodborne‘s three year anniversary (I know right?) is in March 24th so more the reason as to why they chose this month. That means you get to play through one of the harder, but fair games out there, but once you pick it up it will be a while longer when you finally put it down.

Along side Bloodborne, coming to the PS4 we have the titular Ratchet & Clank. Play through the duo’s origin story in this third person, weapon grubbing, futuristic looking, explosions galore, hoverboard racing, ship flying, movie tie-in game based off the popular PS2 game of the same name. Not much to say other than it is certainly one of the more predicted PS+ games to be featured here, with many holding back purchasing to see if it’s going to be available. To those patient gamers, congratulations you just had to wait almost 2 years (yes, the game came out 2 years ago in April 12th, it’s not you that’s getting older), but you managed to get it.

Now with PS4 out of the way, let’s look at the few remaining PS3 games that are coming out since they’re not going to support the PSVita and PS3 anymore on the PS+ in March 2019, which means lesser free games each month, but hey! Don’t worry let’s see how the PS3 ends with the ones coming up in 2018 shall we?

Starting off we have, Legend of Kay: Anniversary is a late PS2 game that didn’t get much attention in the market so it had multiple re-releases over the years, and this is one of them. This remastered version of Legend of Kay sports high quality textures, modern rendering techniques and crystal-clear surround sound. While there’s not much to say about the game, it is worth checking out for the amount of re-releases it has gotten of the years. If you’re looking for more combat oriented third person platforming games, you might find yourself with a hidden gem of a game.

Next on the list is… err… the spiritual successor of MegaMan that is Mighty No. 9. I am quite hesitant in talking about this game due to the overwhelming response of the game, but needless to say let’s go for it. This 3D side-scroller is the modern take on what MegaMan would play if a game came out in the PS2, and interesting game to be featured here, but it will probably collect dust in your expansive PS+ libraries so even if you have the time for it, there’s not much reason to pick it up except maybe seeing what many people say of this game.

Finally our last section is the PSVita section with two games, Claire: Extended Cut and Bombing Busters. Claire: Extended Cut is a horror side-scroller that actually has me interested in what it tries to tell even if the generic synopsis is to say anything of it. It’s more of a game than Bomberman, err… I mean, Bombing Busters on PSVita. Yep this is as subtle as it gets, I’m sorry, but one copycat game is enough for the list. If this is to say anything its to not pick it up and instead treat yourself to any of the multiple Bomberman games and you’ll most likely find it in the same vein as it.

That said that’s everything there needs to be said on the PS+ Line Up for March 2018, a really stupidly amazing line up with solid games on each system to play. The most notable absence is the lack of PSVR games on the list, but I’m sure as the PS3 and Vita games rotate out they’ll rotate in the PSVR games into it. Who knows really, but if you’ve been itching to play these game remember to pick them up on March 6th when the Playstation Store updates, and don’t forget to pick up February’s PS+ titles before then.

If you need a refresher on February’s Line Up, consider checking out last month’s article all about it here in The Playstation Brahs.

See you guys next month for more PS+ goodness!