We all know Monster Hunter: World is a HUGE game, full of content, BUT THIS IS INSANE!!! Set to arrive next month in Japan, this official guidebook is a spine-shattering 1,008 pages!!

What all will it cover? Here’s the translation from the Amazon Japan product page for this whopper of a guide:

• Understanding the Hunter Life: Basic game flow, information on Astera facilities.

• Understanding Hunter Techniques: Basic Hunter action, details and recommended combos for all 14 weapons.

• Understanding how to Hunt Monsters: Detailed information on all monsters, including their attack characteristics, weaknesses, and more.

• Understanding  Quest Info to the End: A complete set of info on all quests, including rewards for monsters that appear in Free Quests, and more.

• Understanding Weapon Sharpness and Weapon Tree: A giant collection of weapon data with over 1,000 weapons. In addition to showing all its upgrades in the weapon trees, it shows the attack power, sharpness, and more including Bowgun shots.

• Understanding Armor Graphics and Performance: Data for all-things armor, including a look at different armor series, skills, and more.

• Understanding Your Friendly Felynes: Everything about Felynes, including their armor effects, as well as data on weapon & armor.

• Understanding Field Characteristics: Complete data and details for the fields you explore while on a hunt.

• Understanding Where to Get Materials: Data on the over-690 different items including where to find or what monsters to get them from.

This monstrosity of a guide will retail for 2,916 yen or about $27 USD. Yo Capcom! How about bringing this bad boy to the West?? Just an idea!! We KNOW you love money, Brah!