Stand proud, Prince Noctis!! For you and your Bros. have officially made Square Enix a SH!T-TON of money!!

Director Hajime Tabata revealed in an interview with that sales of FFXV have surpassed 7 MILLION copies sold!! If you remember, the team’s goal has been to sell 10 million copies. The craziest part? With the Royal Edition and Windows Edition arriving next on the March 6, they will most likely reach it!!

Tabata also broke news recently that the ‘second’ season pass for FFXV has expanded from three episodes of content to four pieces of new content, meaning that all of this new content won’t end until 2019. Wow. If you would’ve told me in 2016 that the game would still be receiving NEW content until next year, I would’ve called you crazy!

All we currently know of is Episode Arydn, as it was the most requested content in the poll Square Enix dropped last year. What could the newest content be about? Episode Luna? Episode Aranea? Square ain’t saying, but The Brahs will be here to let you know all about it once the new drops!