Brah! Are you one of the millions of daily players who enjoy some Fortnite Battle Royal?? Then you need to GET HYPED!! Season 3 starts TODAY along with the newest Battle Pass!

Season 3’s Battle Pass consist of 100 tiers which will reward you with 100 different pieces of content! New skins, pickaxes, new dances, new gliders, new emotes, and much, much more.

It’ll cost you 950 v-bucks, which eqates to $10 in real money. UNLESS you earn v-bucks through the Save the World mode which happens to be half-off at the moment!!

Fortnite Standard – $19.99, down from $39.99

Fortnite Deluxe – $29.99, down from $59.99

Fortnite Super Deluxe – $44.99, down from $89.99

Fortnite Limited Edition – $74.99, down from $149.99

If that isn’t enough for you, Epic is also implenting a 60FPS mode for PS4 and PS4 Pro gamers who need the ultimate in smooth gameplay! They’ve also made building much easier, so when you run out of one material, the game will instantly swap to another. NICE.

So get gud and get geared up, Brah! Fortnite is calling and you better be answering!!