(UPDATED!) Emily has deleted the image since posting it this morning. Guess Kojima wasn’t that happy with her revealing two new (potentially) big roles for the game.

(Original story) I’m not entirely sure what kind of budget Sony dished out to Kojima for Death Stranding, but he’s sure as hell is pumping money into the voice acting/ motion capture performance category!!

We all know about Norman and Mads leading the way, but now thanks to Emily O’ Brien’s Instagram post, her and gaming icon Troy Baker are joining the mighty cast of Kojima’s mysterious game!!

Well all know of Troy’s highly celebrated career. Emily has starred in several big name games including The Order: 1886, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone.

Kind of surprised this was how this news got out. Figured Kojima would’ve have the throat baby appear, as it magically grew into an adult-sized version of Troy who would then puke up Emily. Oh well! Any Death Stranding news is Brahsome to this guy!