Racing. It has its place. You want to win. You have the drive…the adrenaline to win. But do you have the desire to become champion? This was all going through my head when I played Sprint Vector from Survios on PlayStation VR. And I have never felt more like an intergalactic champion like I have when playing and this is a very good thing.


Sprint Vector is an adrenaline platformer that will take your competitiveness to the next level. I am going to say this now if you have some type of fan either ceiling fan or something else you can turn on while you are playing, you might want to because you will be moving. You will be moving your arms not in just a running motion, but also in a climbing motion as well. And this is in no way a bad thing, I just want those who want a shot a the championship to be aware.

When you first start the game you will need to calibrate the Move Controllers and are giving an option of some training. I highly recommend you do this as it will only help you achieve the goal of glory and the gold of winning. And you don’t want to be that one person who didn’t listen and lose…no you don’t. Be the winner you know you can be and do the tutorials for beginner, intermediate and, advanced. This way you will learn how to move, turn, climb, and jump your way to victory.

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Yes, you will need both Move Controllers to play Sprint Vector. Speaking of controls, it will get taking some used to. Not because they are bad, no they are spot on. But you have to remember you are sprinting in the game, so the way you would sprint applies here and it’s all about that timing when you move. But in Sprint Vector, you will have more freedom in Virtual Reality compared to the real world. When you do the tutorials like I mentioned, it will learn how to sprint, climb up walls, jump, super jump and even fly. Yes not only can you run as fast as you are allowing yourself to, but you can fly. Not only can you fly, but you can twist to turn and when you combine them when you can master it all, it truly is a remarkable feeling.

Also, I am going to say this. Do not get frustrated. Do not give up. Keep trying and you will get it. With that said, let’s continue. Sprint Vector is a game show of sorts from the mastermind of Mr. Entertainment and this is the newest season and you have been recruited along with others across the Universe to battle it out in the Championship Intergaltica. And like I mentioned at the beginning, being brought out on to the platform hearing the crowd cheering, I felt like a hero like I was on top of the world…like I was really the chosen one and for that I thank you Survios…thank you.

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You have a choice of eight characters to select from. Each one has that special look about them. For me, I went with Hendrix. He just seemed like he was never given the fair shot in life the other seven characters look like they think they are better than him and I wanted to give Hendrix a fair shot. Go, Team Hendrix!

Along with the characters to select from, there are different locations to chose from that each has a life of its own.

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Screenshot 2018-02-19 at 2.15.44 PM

But what would a race be without some shortcuts and power-ups? They are here, but you are going to have learned where the shortcuts are. The power-ups are a good mix when you come across them, from Prox Mines that knockback and briefly disables nearby racers to Hornet Barrage that have three missiles that lock and chase down the other racers.

Once you select your racer you will be able to race in a single race against the AI. This is the best way to get the feeling of racing while trying to learn your new skills. Don’t worry if you are having trouble, just keep trying and don’t forget that you can always go back to the tutorials and replay those if you need a little more help. Once you race in a stage and complete it, you are able to unlock the next stage.

But what would racing be if you could not race against other live players? Nothing to worry about here, because there is some serious fun here. Doing a private race allows you invite your friends and this way you get to earn those bragging rights. Quick match allows you to race against other live players. Just remember, mics are on so have fun, but be respectful as everyone needs to be a good sport. But if you just don’t feel like talking or if there is a bad case of trash talking, you can always turn on the mute button.

I am actually impressed about the world that is created here with everything going on. and in VR. The feeling like I have been personally selected for these games at a time when the Olympics are going on truly has that special feeling. The fluid motion of racing,  Sprint Vector has everything going for it. With the eight different characters, the twelve locations and even the challenge mode of nine maps to the gorgeous immersive visuals to the sounds, the announcements and, the music and down to the controls…It’s all here and waiting for you, exercise and all.

Sprint Vector is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Sprint Vector, please visit the site.  To learn more about Survios, please visit their site. Make sure to like them on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more racing to do.