Ubisoft promised players a new game+ mode along with the educational Discovery mode for Assassin’s Creed Origins and they look to deliver both anticipated updates tomorrow!

Take a look at all the content and updates that players can enjoy when this update goes live:

Patch Size

Xbox One: 5.5 GB

PS4: 5.3 GB

Uplay PC: 4.8 GB

Steam: 2.6 GB

Patch Highlights

The “Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt” game mode added. Explore Ancient Egypt from a fascinating historical perspective with a new mode that lets visitors’ free roam the map to learn about Egypt’s history and daily life in guided tours.

New Game+ game mode added. Start a new game while keeping their weapons, outfits, and abilities. You will be able to access New Game + after you have completed the last main quest of the game.

The Hidden Ones

◦ Fixed an issue where the completion of the Sinai region would not reach 100% in the Atlas

Main Game


◦ Fixed various issues with Quest Objectives that could disappear when traveling outside of Egypt

◦ Fixed an issue with the spawning of Hotephres’ boat in the quest “The Crocodile’s Scales”

◦ Fixed an issue preventing the playable character to go back into the vault if he died after completing the quest “The Final Weighing”


◦ Increased the distance the player needs to be from some Rebel Camps before Assist Rebel event are respawned

◦ Fixed an issue with Hippodrome adversaries stopping at the end of a race

◦ Fixed various issues with Daily Quests and Reda that could not be available at times

◦ Fixed an issue with the camera having no collision with the Boss of the Trials of the God

◦ Fixed an issue preventing targets of “Avenge a Friend” quests from being damaged

◦ Fixed the Trial of the God Community Challenge that could give all the items of the Anubis Gold Set after banking the reward

◦ Fixed the synchronization of the Classic Challenges with the Ubisoft Club servers following a network failure

◦ Fixed various papyruses locations that did not show the interact action


◦ Improved the ragdoll visual

◦ Added a warning message when going out of bound with Senu

◦ Fixed an issue that caused the mount not being summoned when whistled

◦ Fixed a bow usage animation issue while in stealth

◦ Fixed various issues where the playable character could remain stuck

◦ Fixed an issue where various character’s hands would end up crooked after exiting to the Quest menu

◦ Fixed an issue where NPC could stand still after being killed with an air assassination

◦ Fixed an issue that could prevent the interaction with the mount merchant in the Refugee Haven to work

◦ Fixed an issue that could make cart fly in the air following a collision

User Interface

◦ Fixed an issue with the Animus Pulse effect disappearing on certain camera angles in Photo Mode


◦ Fixed various issues where the playable character could go through collisions

◦ Fixed various issues with the spawning of NPCs

◦ Fixed floating boats

Graphics & Audio

◦ Fixed various mismatches between subtitle and audio


◦ Fixed an infinite loadtraveling after fast travelling a long distance via the eagle

◦ Improved overall stability of the game application


◦ Added some tooltips and other minor improvements to the Performance Analyzer menu

◦ Fixed an issue with the playable character that could not walk through a narrow pass

◦ Fixed the display of GPU temperature and usage metrics

◦ Fixed various issues with the key mapping with the Hippodrome

◦ Fixed various issues with the World Map on multi-monitors setups

◦ Fixed several stuttering issues

◦ Fixed multiple issues with the localized voiceover in the quests “Incoming Threat” and “A Gift from the Gods”