Brah! Have you already planned to take a couple days off of work so you can dive into the greatness that will be Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom when it officially releases worldwide on March 23!!?!

OK, so even if you’re not THAT hyped for it, you certainly need to watch this trio of trailers for it!

The first trailer focuses on the city of Goldpaw! It’s beautiful, full of spectacles, but you best to watch your King Evan’s back at all times.

Behind every great JRPG there’s (normally) a great soundtrack!! Fans of the first game will be happy to hear that legendary composer Joe Hisaishi is back for Ni no Kuni II!!

Need another serving of gameplay? How about King Evan kicking some boo-tay?! Here’s 10 minutes of sweetness!

What do you think, JRPG Brahs?! Is Ni no Kuni II on your radar come March 23? Let us know in the comments below!!