When PlayStation, Nike, and NBA All-Star Paul George announced the limited edition PG 2 PlayStation colorway shoes, I was pretty excited! I don’t normally buy basketball shoes, but these were different! These babies were infused with PlayStation Greatness from the tongue down to the sole. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the reveal video.

Pretty flippin’ sweet! The best part? They were rather affordable at $110 a pair. They would go live at February 10 at 9pm eastern. PlayStation recommended you download Nike’s SNKRS app to get a pair. The hyped started to build among PlayStation fans.

Little did we know that this was never for the fans. The sneakers game is serious business. When the shoes went live, I was alerted. At 9:01am, the shoes were SOLD OUT. Wow. INSANE. There was however, a small glimmer of hope. A type of lottery where you picked your size, entered all your information, and if you were lucky, ‘won’ a pair. Did I win? Nah.

As a HUGE PlayStation fan, I was looking forward to these bad boys (I’m not butthurt. I promise!!). So I quickly went to eBay, because you know all the scalpers with their programs/ bots were already trying to scalp them. The results were truly asinine. Take a look at the proof below.

This kind of bologna is the result of people using programs similar to what RSVP Heat offer to users. You pay a small price for accounts that will quickly log in and log out, increasing your chances to win a pair.

I’m not sure which quick access checkout program this twitter user used below, but he took advantage of Nike’s flawed system.

Completely ridiculous. Some would argue that this is an example of capitalism at its best. I would argue that for something that was marketed “for the fans”, that we were all let down, by everyone involved.

Were you lucky enough to get a pair? Let us know in the comments below!