Wulverblade is a sidescrolling brawler that tells the story of the Roman army as they attempt to control Britannia from the 9th Legion. It is a fast, brutal and bloody good time as you overpower your enemies with one of three characters at your disposal. Let’s dig in and learn more.

The first thing that pops to mind when talking about Wulverblade is just how gorgeous the art style is. Every image is sharp, detailed and with a vibrancy that makes it a pleasure to stare at. Animation is great too and everything flows naturally in regards to the combat. With that said, movement can be a bit cumbersome at times and I found it much easier to simply hold down a button to run rather than attempt the double tap of the analog stick.

Along with the movement issues I have comes the annoyance of picking up items versus atacking enemies. As you progress through the 3 to 4 hour adventure you will have access to lots of different weapons that are either scattered in any given area or knocked out of the hands of the enemies you battle with. Most weapons that are on the floor can be picked up using the square button, with more powerful weapons being picked up with the triangle button. The slight issue I have with this is that attacking enemies also requires you to press the square button. There will be plenty of instances where you are trying to attack a tough enemy, only for your character to instead bend down to pick up the weapon on the floor. Some of the weapons on the floor can only be thrown as well which puts combat into a bit of an awkward state when you think you are going to slice someone only to end up throwing a severed head you picked up instead.

Despite those minor gripes, combat is fun and satisfying. The art style blends nicely with the blood and gore that comes with stomping an enemy’s head right off. You have basic attacks, power attacks with a power weapon and a special attack. The character I played as, Brennus, has a special attack which is almost like a ground pound of sorts that knocks back enemies. Along with that is a special ability to call in wolves to come help destroy your enemies when you are in a tough spot. Speaking of enemies, Wulverblade is full of a varierty of enemy types that help encourage you to change up certain battle tactics now and then. Couple that with interesting boss fights and you have exactly what a brawler should be.

The narrative and voice acting throughout the adventure enhance the experience more as both are presented in great fashion. I applaud Fully Illustrated for going all out on the lore and story of the game making sure immersion is always consistent throughout the experience.

It is worth mentioning that Wulverblade is also a 2-player couch co-op game so if you have a buddy available I would highly recommend playing along with someone else. Playing with an extra person will allow both players to bring two unique fighting styles into the mix while complimenting each other nicely.

Wulverblade is a short but fun game to be played and that is what it does well. If you want to get away from overly complex game mechanics and convoluted stories and are looking for something simple, short but sweet, then Wulverblade is the game you are looking for.

Game was played on a PS4 Pro and review copy was provided by Darkwind Media/Fully Illustrated.