After a Bulgarian website leaked what looks like a God of War PS4 Pro bundle, we suddenly appear to have some news of a God of War Dualshock 4 in the wild!!

A Reddit user who ordered a silver Dualshock 4 was sent this DS4 below..

Sure, it looks like a random symbol, UNTIL you investigate and realize that the same symbol is on the cover of the God of War steelbook case!!!

#Gasp! Could it really be true?!? Who knows. I have a few couple questions. How did the Reddit dude really get it? Why is it silver and not red? Last question: IS THAT IT???!!

Yo! Time to be honest for a moment. Sony’s special edition Dualshock 4’s this generation have been lacking. Especially compared to special edition Xbox One controllers!!! Have you seen the Sea of Thieves controller?! Pretty damn sweet!

So maybe this is a fake OR it’s a random DS4 Sony is releasing outside of the inevitable PS4 Pro bundle which will have a really kickass special DS4!!

With the game launching on April 20, we will know… Soony.