Brah! All you ever hear about is how people are “done” with Call of Duty, yet it only took Call of Duty: WWII one month of being on the market to become the BEST SELLING GAME in the US for all of 2017. Insane.

COD ain’t going nowhere! So for all of you who still answer that call every year, this rumor is for you! Earlier this week “industry insider” Marcus Sellars dropped info that we will be returning to the world of Black Ops in 2018. That’s right! Treyarch is rumored to be working on BLOPS 4, which will feature more ‘boots to the ground’ gameplay or whatever.

Ok, so perhaps his track record isn’t the best. Eurogamer is here to save us!! They claim multiple sources have confirmed to them the information is true. WE GETTING BLACK OPS 4, BRAH!!!

What do you think, Brah?! You ready to blow some sh!t up or are you read for that new Battlefield game that EA confirmed?!!