As the NFL season officially came to a close as the Philadelphia Eagles upset the New England Patriots in Superbowl 52, the dawn of the MLB season has begun!

What does that mean? It’s time for Sony to ignite the hype rocket for MLB The Show 2018!! With the game launching in two months, we get our first look at official gameplay, plus details regarding this season’s major updates!

  • The Babe!!! A whole new of batch of MLB Legends are joining the roster this season!
  • Road to the show is getting bigger.
  • ‘Dynamic crowds’, such as the Judge’s chamber.. (Since Aaron Judge IS the cover athlete and all)
  • 1,000+ new gameplay animations. Yowza!
  • More unique home run celebrations.
  • Revamped hitting engine with improve physics.
  • Rewritten player tagging system.
  • Major improvements to the game engine’s overall performance.

Wondering about pre-order bonuses? You’ll get a code for 10 standard packs and 1 Legend card for for The Show 2018. Pre-order at Gamestop to receive 5 additional standard packs. Pre-order on the PlayStation store to receive an additional 5,000 stubs AND instantly receive an Aaron Judge Flashback card you can use in MLB The Show 17!

Pre-ordering will also grant you early access to the game starting on March 23! So if you can’t wait to play some digital baseball.. you know what to do, Brah!!!

MLB The Show 2018 is getting the call to the majors on March 27!