With Cold Iron from Catch and Release releasing on PlayStation VR and the theme it was based upon, I wanted to know more about the game, the company, and the overall inspiration they have for Virtual Reality. So when I reached out to Matthew Taylor from Catch and Release, he was happy to give me some more insight into being a game developer and what the future holds for Cold Iron.

Matthew Taylor of Catch and Release psvr

Matthew Taylor of Catch and Release

So tell us about Catch and Release. How many are on the team and when did you start?

“My brother James and I founded Catch & Release in 2015 when we released our first game, “Star Billions” on iOS and Android. It’s still just the two of us in the office, but we were lucky to work with some very talented artists to help bring Cold Iron to life.”

What inspired you to get into Virtual Reality? Was there a specific game or experience or did you somehow know that it was the right direction to go?

“James and I have always been fascinated by VR. After we made Star Billions, it felt like we were due for a big change. Going from something as casual as mobile gaming to something as immersive as VR was an incredible experience. It helped us become better developers.”

Tell us about Cold Iron? A puzzle shooter sounds very interesting. I am intrigued.

“Seeing is believing, as they say! The best way I’ve found to describe a puzzle shooter is this: It’s like disarming a bomb with a gun. You have to identify your opponent’s weakness and then be fast enough to exploit it in the blink of an eye. Although the game begins with some classic western duels, things get strange quickly, and they only get stranger the longer you play!”

Will those trophy hunters out there be pleased with the number of trophies in the game?

“For sure! We’re pleased to have a platinum trophy on PlayStation, and anyone who manages to snag them all is a true gunslinger.”

What or why do you feel that Virtual Reality is the future of gaming?

“One of the great things about being a game developer is sharing what you’ve made with friends and family and seeing the look on their faces. That experience is doubled or even tripled when you’re making a VR game. To be able to literally show someone the world you’ve been working to create for so long is a true joy, and every smile I see makes me more and more certain that VR is here to stay.”

Will there be any future DLC coming to Cold Iron?

“We already have content updates on our calendar, but no plans for any paid DLC. We want to reward players and keep them coming back to play Cold Iron months and months after release.”

How long is Cold Iron and how many levels?

“That’s a tough question to answer because of the game’s difficulty. We’ve heard stories from reviewers who spent a week on the first boss while others have somehow blazed through it in a few hours. It’s a lot like Cuphead in that way.”

With PlayStation VR did you feel it was easier to create for compared to other platforms?

“We’re really happy that we designed Cold Iron with both PC and PlayStation in mind from the very beginning, so we never had to worry much about porting the game from one platform to another. Sony was extremely supportive throughout the development process, and it’s a much better game because of their involvement.”

With new players coming to PlayStation VR on an almost what seems daily, what would you say to someone who was looking through the catalog of PSVR games and why they should get Cold Iron?

“There are a lot of amazing experiences in VR, but there’s only one Cold Iron. If you want an intense challenge unlike anything else you’ve ever played, give us a try.”

Any future PlayStation VR projects that can be talked about at this time or at least a hint of greatness to come from Catch and Release?

“We will be focusing all of our love and attention on Cold Iron for the foreseeable future, but we’re always inspired by the technology and the community, and great ideas are never in short supply. We love VR and will continue to try to be a part of the future of gaming.”

I really want to thank Matthew for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer the questions and on giving us his thoughts about Virtual Reality. If you are looking for something refreshing and unique, look no further. Cold Iron is out now for PlayStation VR. Don’t forget to check out the review. In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy.