Brah, I’m going to need you to act REALLY SURPRISED by this news!! Bioware’s newest project Anthem, that WAS ANNOUNCED FOR 2018, has been delayed to early 2019. Why? Because we’re getting a NEW Battlefield, y’all!!

The big news broke earlier today thanks to the Wall Street Journal! They spoke to EA’s finance chief Blake Jorgensen about the matter. He confirmed the newest Battlefield for October, then downplayed the situation.

It’s not a delay. People are trying to create a story.

Hmmm, ok then! Blake knows WAY more about this kind of thing than us peons do.

Remember this!! When one game is moved from the the original release date to the next year, that’s just good business strategy! That’s why Sony and Microsoft have had so many delays this generation!

But hey! We received confirmation of a new Battlefield game!! Hoorah, Soldier!!

Anthem, yo.