What if there was no more war? What if all the Spaceballs, The Empire and Jedi’s walk into a bar and instead of killer sabers they were replaced with…wait for it…amazing drum like sticks that resembled sabers? Wait a minute…hold up. That actually sounds like either an awesome SNL skit or an awesome VR game. Imagine it, you have a red and blue saber and you get to hit the red and blue blocks, but on a platform that moves.

Hyped yet? Well, there’s more. What if so said red and blue blocks have direction symbols for Up, Down, Left, and Right and they have to be hit accordingly and when you add some music of the electric kind and if you hit those blocks at the right time…the bass drops? But let us breathe and take even in even more excitement in, shall we?

  • At launch, there should be about 10 songs. So don’t think for one beat of a second that this would be the max for you to use your sabers with….no expect more to be added (I just hope they add the ability to incorporate your own songs via thumb drive).
  • Afraid if you miss the blocks and it will be game over? No worries as there should a “No Fail” type of mode added. This way you can get the practice in for those insane expert modes.
  • Before you go all Jedi, pay attention to the scoring system. Certain swings…certain moves should help you get the highest score possible. 70 points for that awesome 90-degree angle swings, 30 points for those the extra 60-degree angle wings after you already swing, and those slices that are blocked that are brought closer to the center should score you an extra 10 points.
  •  This is going to be the most important one…space. You are going to be swinging, slicing, and dicing your way to victory, so make sure you have enough space and nothing in front, behind, to the sides, and above you.

No need to compare Schwartz sizes, because Beat Sabers is coming to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…