Polyphony Digital promised to continually update Gran Turismo Sport after release with new content on the regular. That promise continues as update 1.11 goes live tomorrow, bringing with it enough free content to make your heart go vroom vroom.

Kaz teased a bundle of new cars last week and here they are! Something for every race fan:

• Dodge Viper GTS

• Ferrari 512 BB

• Ferrari 330 P4

• Ford GT

• Jaguar XJ13

• Lamborghini Diablo GT

• McLaren F1

• Toyota 2000GT

• Toyota FT-1

• Toyota Supra RZ

The new track? The famous super track Autodromo Nazionale Monza! With 8 damn different layouts to master.

Enjoying GT league? It’s about to get even bigger! Four new events are being added specializing in certain categories of vehicles.

• F150 Raptor Survival

• J-Sport Meeting

• La Festa Cavallino

• Gr.3 Endurance Series

Not bad for a free update! Watch the trailer. Perhaps even join The Human Race?