Man, talk about waiting until the last minute to announce something fans have asking for since it was unveiled back in September 2017!

But here we are. The PlayStation Europe blog confirmed that the Limited Edition Monster Hunter: World will be taking over Europe when the game launches next Friday. Check out the box art!!

No price was set, however in France it is exclusive to one gaming retailer (Micromania) so your location(s) may very. Best of luck, Euro Brahs!!

Here in the United Stares, it’s exclusive to Gamestop. So if you’re REALLY excited for this Rathalos Edition PS4, better put that grudge in the past and fork over $449 for this 1TB bad boy.

Not matter where you buy it, it’ll include:

  • 1TB Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro.
  • That really brahsome looking Dualshock 4.
  • A physical copy of Monster Hunter: World plus digital content including armor, weapons, and a dynamic theme.

No news regarding a Canadian release has hit. Here’s a few pix of the system and the controller for you to drool over! Below is the NA box art.

Tell me that isn’t a spectacular limited edition PS4 Pro! If I didn’t already own a Pro, this is definitely one I would be licking my chops over.

If you’re as excited about the game as we are, I’ve posted the new latest gameplay walkthroughs for your viewing pleasure!

Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide on January 26th!!!