The path to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has been a rocky road of redemption with Capcom and their fans. Even though SFV launched with fantastic gameplay, the cost of admission ($60) didn’t match the amount of content that came with it.

That has slowly changed over the past two new years, as 12 characters plus new modes made the game more attractive to potential buyers. Things are going to change with the FREE Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (18GB!!!!) upgrade for those who already own SFV adds all new modes and content.

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

• Arcade Mode – Journey through six different story paths, each representing a main Street Fighter title: Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V. Each path includes characters faithful to the respective title or appropriately representative of the character. There is online leaderboard support and by reaching the end of each path, players will be treated to one of over 200 all-new custom illustrations.

• Second V-Triggers for all characters – Characters in the game and upcoming roster additions will each receive a second V-Trigger option that opens up different ways to fight, paving the way for new strategies, combos, and options for veteran and new players.

• Team Battle Mode – A new mode for two local teams of up to five characters battling it out for victory. There are two options: Elimination and Best of Series with various preference settings such as recovering Vitality between matches or allowing the winning player to keep their EX Gauge, and more.

• Extra Battle Mode – A new mode that allows players to complete special limited-time challenges to obtain various rewards, including Fight Money, Experience Points and unique costumes.

• Special Challenges – Not to be confused with the current weekly missions which are still present and yield Fight Money, Special Challenges are scattered throughout the year and will offer unique titles for players upon completion.

• And more – The game will also include an all new Gallery to view the unlockable Arcade Mode illustrations, Sound option (to listen to stage background music, character themes, and more tunes), redesigned UI, and 3D Costume Previews.

Don’t own SFV? You can find a copy on the cheap if you look around OR you can buy a new copy of SFV: AE for $39.99 that’ll give you access to the all of the original and new content, plus season 1 & 2 DLC characters. It is available now in North America and goes live in Europe on the 19th!

Enjoy the launch trailer! Hope to see you online for a beatdown or two, Brah!