Look what the power of free-to-play can do for your game! It also doesn’t hurt that the game is a blast to play! Epic Games broke news today that their take on Battle Royale genre has reached 40 MILLION players across all platforms and at one point last weekend, had 2 million concurrent players. That’s a whole buncha’ victory royale, Brah!!

This news comes on the verge of the launch of Map 2.0, which is making major changes to the world of Fortnite Battle Royale. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the old map.

Annnnnd after!

DAMN! It went from a generic looking world to this vast, new world of chaos and danger, with a variety array of colors that immediately come to life. Can’t wait to get owned in this new update!!!

Once it Map 2.0 goes life, we will be here to tell you all about it!

Have played Fornite Battle Royale yet??