Outside of the E3 2016 reveal and E3 2017 gameplay demo, news regarding Days Gone has been rather scarce. It’s no secret that video games take a crapload of time and manpower to finish, so the team at Bend Studios are taking their time, working on the game, finding the perfect time to release new information to gamers.

BUT that’s not going to stop peeps from finding news for their most anticipated games! The Brahs over at Dualshockers came across some Days Gone news during a show for Star Citizen, the massive sci-fi crowdfunded game! The Host of the show, Jared Huckaby, mentioned talking to Sam Witwer (He plays the main character of Days Gone, Deacon St. John) and Sam dropped a fun nugget: apparently the game will have “a whole bunch of hours” of cinematics. NICE! An open-world freaker apocalypse game with a solid story with top-notch cinematics to back it up? Yes, please!

The second bit of news? It seems Sony is pretty damn confident that Days Gone will hit that 2018 release date. I mean, Shuhei Yoshida already confirmed at PSX 2017 that it WOULD hit in 2018, but that isn’t stopping peeps over at Reddit from freaking out over the fact that Sony included it in the “2017 Year in Review” email as part of 2018’s lineup, it must be news. Right? Riiiiight.

There you have it! A double dose of Days Gone news. Not much, in my humble opinion, but hey! It’s something?

If you haven’t watched the two trailers in awhile, I provided them for you below, along with the alternate take on the E3 2017 gameplay demo. Enjoy, Brah!!