For those of you have been paying close attention, a few weeks back the PlayStation Store dropped a new date for God of War. That date? March 22. It quickly gained plenty of attention, but was laughed at by Cory Barlog during PSX 2017. But just as quickly as it appeared, it was replaced with a generic December 31, 2018 date. Blah.

Well, according to ResetERA member ‘RockNRola’, his most trusted online gaming retailer,, has suddenly updated their release date for God of War. The new release date? March 22.

Was this site influenced by the leaked PlayStation Store release date? He doesn’t seem to be aware of that leak, but offered some information about the site’s release date policy.

Now, what’s interesting about this is that this particular retailer only adds specific dates like that IF they have them. Otherwise, what they’ll do is something like this (it says “Spring 2018”).

Interesting. Most interesting. Four of the past six God of War games released in March. PLUS.. the original God of War released on March 22, 2005! DO WE HAVE A WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER?!??!!

Maybe. Maybe not. I do think we will know something soon enough though.


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